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Embed Tweets Inside Your WordPress Blog Post

    Embed Tweets Inside Your WordPress Blog Post    Happy Tweeting !   Are you blogging and wishing to share your quotes or profound statements directly to your twitter profile?   Try out the word press plug in called “Better Click to Tweet.”  It embeds your quote into a tweetable little box that your […]

One Simple Thing

My friend and colleague, Mallary Tytel has launched her new book today!     “One Simple Thing:  Simple Tools For Living Your Own Theory of Change” You may purchase her book on Amazon today by clicking here!   One Simple Thing Can Change Everything. Your power lies in your ability to influence the world and […]

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Maintenance for Your Website

Brought to you by Alana Roberts Joerg Buyna         Another day at the office? Actually it isn’t. The difference is that for a few weeks now our days have started with evaluating numerous warning messages we receive from our website scanning software, rather than evaluating our work progress for various projects.

SEO and Sales Success is a Strategy

In this article I would like to explain and hopefully eliminate a few misunderstandings on the topics of web pages and online success. The targeted reader is not the one whose website is used mostly as an electronic business card, but rather those who intend to create income through online sales. So you have a […]

Upgrading From SHA-1 to SHA-2

  Upgrading From SHA-1 to SHA-2 Most of our clients have received an email lately with information from their payment gateway provider regarding a security upgrade. This security certificate upgrade from SHA-1 to SHA-2 is long overdue because of the increasing threats the e-commerce business is exposed to.  [bctt tweet=”SHA-1 lasted for 16 years!”]

WordPress Cleanup Checklist

  End-of-Summer WordPress Cleanup Checklist Steps Now is a perfect time to inspect, correct, enhance, and promote your WordPress website(s). I found these wonderful tips on how to do that in an article from (The 26 Step WordPress Cleanup Checklist) that I think you will find both informative and easy to follow. If you currently have an […]

A Matter of Balance

    A Matter of Balance by Mallary Tytel               The role of work has changed. Originally regarded as a matter of necessity and survival, work today is also considered to be a source of personal satisfaction and fulfilling one’s own purpose. Just survey the multiple generations, cultures, […]

Locally Published / Local Content

Local contents publishers bring to the people the stories and events that happened in their community as it happens in their community. It is the cornerstone of a community that is necessary in building a community. It is content geared towards the people in your own backyard. Local content exposes the opportunity for an individual […]

Amazingly Virtual Email Publication #1

Welcome to the first edition of our email publication for Amazingly Virtual!   Since the beginning of our business in 2008 we have enjoyed creating them for our clients, so we thought it was time that we did one of our own!  I am confident that you will find the articles very informative.  Our goal […]

Which Social Media Platform Should you Focus On

          Looking for a Needle by Jasmine Holmes With so many social media sites, how do you choose the right one for your business? First off, you’ll notice the keyword in the previous sentence, “one” or maybe two if you’re really organized. The biggest mistake businesses make in social media marketing […]

Secure Your Website Content

                    It happens. I’ve seen it happen.  It is a nightmare. Your website  has just been hacked, or it has failed, or all the products that were on your sales page yesterday are gone. You sign on and suddenly you discover that all your data is […]

You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

I want to share a letter my friend and colleague sent to her client who requested direction on starting a new business.  These are some great initial points to consider before beginning.  For more information you may contact Dr. Mallary Tytel directly by visiting her website at  Thanks Mallary!     Dear Mike, I […]

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