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So, you’re starting a business – congratulations! You already know that there’s a lot to take care of, from choosing your business structure to registering your business. You’ll probably also need a business license or permit – virtually every business does in order to operate legally. It depends on the kind of business you run, where it’s located and what state and federal rules apply. Here’s what you should know to make sure you’ll be running your business within the law.



Why Does My Businesses Need a License or Permit?

Licenses and permits  serve two major purposes: They allow the government to track your business’s revenue for tax purposes, and they also protect the public.

For example, if your business is involved in activities supervised and regulated by a federal agency – such as selling alcohol, firearms, radio broadcasting, commercial fishing, etc. – then you’ll likely need to obtain a federal license or permit.

Other special state licenses, known as professional licenses, are required for dentists, hairdressers, veterinarians, realtors, physicians and more. These licenses indicate the level of expertise of an employee or business owner and that they’ve met a certain requirements when it comes to training or education.

State licenses are also required of businesses, such as restaurants and those that serve alcohol, to demonstrate that they meet certain state standards or codes. Particular regulations may vary by state.



The U.S. tax codes are rapidly changing to comply with international standards. More than ever, it is critical for your business to engage the right accounting and law office.  

  I highly recommend Kristin Gentile White, P.C. to mitigate your company’s risk and improve your overall cash flow.  They work with you and your business and treat you as if you are their only client.  They have saved me time and money over the past two years and I do not know what I would do without them.

KGW’s Tax management services can help you move forward:

  • Strategy and operations


  • Risk management


  • Information management


  • Systems integration


  • Process improvement

For more information visit their website at and schedule your appointment soon.



Are You Ready for Tax Season


12-6-Hostgator-300x200 LLC is a world-wide provider of sharedresellerVPS and dedicated web hosting. Privately held and based in Houston, Texas, the company was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who started the company from his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. Since then, HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers under management.

As a technology and product innovator, HostGator is able to provide its more than 400,000 customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. HostGator serves customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in more than 200 countries.


Because of the nature of reseller hosting, HostGator customers are frequently web designers and or developers who have chosen to provide hosting services to their clients. Businesses of all sizes and shapes frequently make use of HostGator’s affordable, but still powerful shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting services. Customers range from complete novices to computer and technology experts.


In a June 2008 customer satisfaction survey, approximately 90% of HostGator customers reported being satisfied with HostGator and the services it provides. Industry-leading customer service and support is at the forefront of what HostGator does on a day-to-day basis. The company is constantly working to improve and refine that service and support and achieve its goal of becoming the world leader in the global web hosting market.


In addition to President and CEO, Adam Farrar, HostGator’s management team consists of web hosting and technology veterans working together to ensure HostGator continues to provide the quality web hosting services it has become known for.


Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your business grow!





2014 National Small Business Week Awards

Are you a small business owner with an amazing success story to tell?  If so, submit your nomination today for the 2014 National Small Business Week Awards.  Nominations are currently being accepted online at

For more than 50 years, National Small Business Week has recognized the outstanding achievements of America’s small businesses for their contributions in their local communities, and to our nation’s economy. Winners will be announced during National Small Business Week – May 12-16, 2014.

Last year, we honored small business owner John Stonecipher—CEO of Guidance Aviation—with the National Small Business Person of the Year Award.  John turned his childhood fascination with airplanes into a successful business. Today Guidance Aviation has a staff of 55, fourteen aircrafts and a waiting list of students ready to take flight into their futures.

Are you our next winner?  Apply online today: In addition to the portal, nominations can also be sent directly to SBA District Offices, which can be located online at district offices.  All nominations must be submitted online, postmarked or hand delivered to the SBA no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on January 17, 2014.

National Small Business Week award categories include:

  • Small Business Person of the Year Awards
  • Small Business Exporter of the Year
  • Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery
  • Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contributions to Disaster Recovery
  • Federal Procurement Award- Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award
  • Federal Procurement Award- Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award
  • Federal Procurement Award- Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence
  • 8(a) Graduate of the Year Award
  • Small Business Development Center Excellence and Innovation Award
  • Veterans Business Outreach Center Excellence in Service Award
  • Women’s Business Center of Excellence Award

For more information, visit

2014 National Small Business Week


Source:  SBA.Gov


Transform Facebook From a Time Waster to a Money Maker


How to transform Facebook from a time waster to a money maker!

Use Facebook to stay top of mind with the many people who already know and like you – a strategy that could help you generate more referrals, build a thriving business and ultimately earn more money.

Make Your Communication Matter

Share information that is meaningful to a wide audience and make certain your media sources are credible. It makes sense to highlight the events and happenings that are of interest to local residents, but it’s usually best to resist the urge to post trivial details like what you ate for breakfast. To keep from offending anyone, you may want to avoid polarizing topics like politics or religion, and, depending on where you live, even sports teams.

Using Facebook to brag about sales could cause you to appear less than genuine.  It’s often more effective to sell softly and gently remind people how you can help them.

Mind Your Professional Reputation

Limit the amount of personal information you share. Clients could get the idea that you are not working hard enough for them if they see countless references to golf outings, vacations or other social events.

Monitor your friends for bad behavior.  You know it’s critical to keep your profile squeaky clean, but you may occasionally need to “un-friend” individuals who post negative comments or inappropriate photos.


Make Sense of Facebook for  your Business



Most business owners have a love-hate relationship with Facebook – which means that they love to hate it. It is easier to hate Facebook that admit we don’t understand how to make it work for our business.

The reality is that when used effectively, Facebook can put you in front of hundreds, or even thousands, of people for little to no cost. Here are some tips to help you make sense of Facebook for your business.


(1)    Have a Plan: Just like other areas of your career, you need a plan for your Facebook activities. This plan should include:


  • Mission Statement: Mission statements may be a bit overrated, but in the case of Social

Media, they can be useful. Your mission statement will help you make sure all of your posts, activities, photos, and statements are in concert with your values, ethics, brand, and overall goal.


  • Time Management:  How will you budget your time on Facebook? Ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes at lunch? What about the amount of time you will spend on your post versus the amount of time you will spend commenting on others’ posts? The best way to address these questions is to identify some realistic goals that you set for yourself – such as “I want ten new friends a month” or “I want to post ten times a month”.  Set your goals and stick to them.


Wonderful Opportunity to Photograph Rita Romano

Kathryn Henneman had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Rita Romano, Italian-born chef, for the cover of her newly released cookbook titled Ciao Tesoro: Treasures from the Italian Kitchen. Additionally, Kathryn photographed several of the 175 dishes featured inside Ciao Tesoro.




Meet Nicholas Cappele




What is really meaningful in our lives?

How do we stay connected to a sense of spirit, or to something greater than ourselves?

Where can we go to renew, recharge, and restore our relationship with the universe?


Come join us at our Women’s Retreat in Carefree, Arizona, The Space Between, and meet Nicholas Cappele, founder and principal of H2E Design, one of our presenters. Nicholas has helped those seeking this balance between inner spirituality and the world as it is. Using the ancient art and science of feng shui principles, Nicholas helps us create a calm, inviting atmosphere with a sense of serenity that creates a sanctuary for the individual, home or office.


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