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Does Quality Content Matter?

In 1936, Dale Carnegie penned How to Win Friends and Influence People. He wrote about the difference between being interested and being interesting. Many people want to tell you how interesting they are. True influence comes from being interested in others.

When it comes to content based marketing, guess what wins? It’s not sharing how interesting you are but associating with what your target audience is interested in.

Many businesses have great ideas, great educational info, and believe me when I tell you that it makes people feel good to see their content out there (I know I like seeing my work out there). And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s great, but it’s not the best.

When considering how to market your business so it stands out from the crowd, consider what you’re being associated with. Can you put yourself in the midst of what your audience is interested in? Can you support the causes they care about? Can you connect with people as people and build relationships in today’s increasingly commoditized world? Can you differentiate yourself? People still do business with people they know, like, and trust; especially when it comes to larger decisions.

If you’re a business evaluating marketing and advertising options and you want to get exposure in high-end, close-knit communities like the ones that our company, N2, serves, then you have to provide a high level of quality and service. You also have to be trustworthy, but more than anything you have to connect with people in a way that makes you stand out. It’s about relationships and connections. Our publications are read, NOT only because they contain interesting articles about businesses, but because our residents are interested in learning more about their neighbors and what is happening in their neighborhoods.

And because readership matters, quality content matters.

So as N2 continues to grow and receive accolades, more businesses realize that local is where it’s at, but how it’s done makes ALL the difference. If you’re a business owner or a marketing executive who wants to learn more about what we’ve learned over the last 13 years about reaching the most difficult-to-reach people, I’d love to meet you. I’m interested in what makes you unique and how we can help your business.