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In 1936, Dale Carnegie penned How to Win Friends and Influence People. He wrote about the difference between being interested and being interesting. Many people want to tell you how interesting they are. True influence comes from being interested in others.

When it comes to content based marketing, guess what wins? It’s not sharing how interesting you are but associating with what your target audience is interested in.

Many businesses have great ideas, great educational info, and believe me when I tell you that it makes people feel good to see their content out there (I know I like seeing my work out there). And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s great, but it’s not the best.




Amazingly Virtual was the featured business in the February, 2017 edition of Life on the Lakes Magazine.  Life on the Lakes is a social publication for Breckenridge Bay, Crystal Shores, Lakeside, Landings II, Mission Bay, The Regatta and West Lake Estates in Val Vista Lakes which is a lake community in Gilbert, Arizona.  

N2Publishing is the publisher of this monthly magazine and it is mailed to the homes on the lake each month.

Matt Dallas, Publisher of N2Publishing is now a Val Vista Lakes resident and a real asset to this community as he contributes, shares and promotes the activities, stories and businesses within Val Vista Lakes in a beautiful and heartfelt way through this monthly publication.

Thanks again to Matt Dallas and N2Publishing for this shout out!

Alana Roberts

Amazingly Virtual, LLC

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