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By Wendy Rhodes

Do people trust your website? Does it answer your visitors’ questions? Your website should be a reflection of your business and it’s brand, along with the personality of your team. Does it clearly explain what you have to offer?



Sarah Landrum, from Personal Branding Blog posted an article on July 9, 2016 that gives 10 things that you can do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out so that readers and employers get a quick summary in a few short minutes.

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Embed Tweets

Inside Your WordPress Blog Post


Embed Tweets Inside Your WordPress Blog Post

 Happy Tweeting !


Are you blogging and wishing to share your quotes or profound statements directly to your twitter profile?  

Try out the word press plug in called “Better Click to Tweet.”  It embeds your quote into a tweetable little box that your readers can click and share to their twitter feed.

 It also allows you to include your twitter handle.

 [bctt tweet=”Embed your thoughts or quotes directly into your wordpress blog and make them tweet -able..”]


Embed Tweets Inside Your WordPress Blog Post


Virtual administrative servicesImages added to social media and blog posts get 100% more engagement

Social media and blog posts that have images or videos added will get 100% more engagement than those that do not (see statistics below). If you do not have an image that is relevant to your post content, create one or purchase one on a photo stock website such as Fotolia.  People are more likely to read the content when they see images.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.13.16 AM

Here are some statitics from a recent seminar that I attended on social media:

Post + a video = 100% more engagement

Post + a photo = 120% more engagement

Post + a photo album = 180% more engagement

You may also want to use the ALT Tag feature. Every image you post has the ability for an ALT Tag, if you’re using a blog platform or a website. This is what the search engines index and it makes it easier to be found. It also brings more searches to your post via the tag on the photo.  Use a description that is not only relevant to the photo but also to the content of the blog post.


Transform Facebook From a Time Waster to a Money Maker


How to transform Facebook from a time waster to a money maker!

Use Facebook to stay top of mind with the many people who already know and like you – a strategy that could help you generate more referrals, build a thriving business and ultimately earn more money.

Make Your Communication Matter

Share information that is meaningful to a wide audience and make certain your media sources are credible. It makes sense to highlight the events and happenings that are of interest to local residents, but it’s usually best to resist the urge to post trivial details like what you ate for breakfast. To keep from offending anyone, you may want to avoid polarizing topics like politics or religion, and, depending on where you live, even sports teams.

Using Facebook to brag about sales could cause you to appear less than genuine.  It’s often more effective to sell softly and gently remind people how you can help them.

Mind Your Professional Reputation

Limit the amount of personal information you share. Clients could get the idea that you are not working hard enough for them if they see countless references to golf outings, vacations or other social events.

Monitor your friends for bad behavior.  You know it’s critical to keep your profile squeaky clean, but you may occasionally need to “un-friend” individuals who post negative comments or inappropriate photos.